I am from the Philadelphia area where I’ve lived all of my life.  I attended Drexel University where I studied Engineering and Mathematics before settling on Physics as my major.  While at Drexel, I became interested in Philosophy (Philosophy of Science more specifically) and did an interdisciplinary senior thesis in the subject.  After I graduated with a Physics degree, I decided to go to graduate school for Sociology of Science and attended the general Sociology program at Temple University.  My concentrations were Sociology of Science and Sociology of Gender.  I actually did all of the work for the Doctoral program up to, and including, the dissertation proposal.  I eventually decided that becoming a professor was no longer the direction that I was going with my career and, instead, started my career in educational administration.

Since then, for the past 15 years, I have worked in education as an Institutional Researcher, Registrar and Grant Administrator.  I work at a small two-year, not for profit, college, The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology.  Our mission is to help students, many of whom are the first in their family to pursue a college degree, prepare for technical careers or to move on to a four-year institution.  During my time at the college, I have been privileged to be an executive on the President’s cabinet and have had the opportunity to play a more direct role in shaping the direction of the college.
Recently, I’ve been convinced that adding a distance education component to our programs is necessary and that it is the future of education.  Many of our programs require a hands-on component (for example, Nursing and Medical Assisting), and will probably never be fully online.  However, I think that giving students the flexibility of distance education in courses where the direct hands-on demonstration is not required will help us compete in the marketplace.  My current goal is to help lead the effort to bring a distance education component to the college.

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